With the right care, you can enjoy TOM's clothing for a long time. Please note the care label located in the side seam of each model.

In general, you should sort your laundry into white, coloured, delicate and wool/silk and choose the appropriate washing program. This serves to protect against discoloration, protect materials and thus preserve the value of the textiles.

It is recommended to pre-treat visible stains. This avoids the unnecessary use of resources, as without pretreatment, washing would have to be done at a hotter temperature or with more detergent.

Use your washing machine efficiently and load it as full as possible; Exceptions are delicates and wool laundry. Multiple items of laundry can be combined if they are washed using the program and detergent type for the most delicate item of clothing.

For optimal washing results with the greatest possible care for materials, it is crucial to use detergents that are tailored to the type of laundry (full detergent, color detergent, delicate detergent or wool detergent). Please note the respective dosage instructions.

It should preferably be washed at low temperatures to avoid unnecessary use of energy. However, you should wash once a month with a heavy-duty detergent containing bleach in solid form (powder, granulate, tab) at 60° C to prevent the possible formation of unpleasant biofilms.